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Residents of Exeter Want a Ban on Students Owning Cars

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Local residents have begun campaigning against students from bringing their cars to university, suggesting that the streets have become cluttered.

In particular, residents near the University of Exeter have grown tired of this overcrowding due to the cars of the school's students. They have now taken it upon themselves to call upon leaders of the university to enforce a ban. This would not just be restricted to the university campus but residents want it to be enforced across the entire city.

The campaign has already received backing from civic leaders and local newspapers have launched a petition calling the University of Exeter to follow the lead of the universities in Nottingham and Cambridge.

Both institutions have already banned cars and improved road safety, whilst also improving relations between students and the local residents.

Rather than enforcing a city wide ban for cars, both Nottingham and Cambridge decided to stop students within a 10 to 25-mile radius from owning a car, unless there was a medical need.

Although the University of Exeter bans students from parking cars inside the school campus they do not ban students from bringing cars altogether. This has led to cars being parked in streets in and around the nearby vicinity causing roadways to become cluttered.