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UK Researchers Dropped from EU Funded Projects

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Britain's recent decision to leave the European Union is causing problems for UK researchers, with top universities coming under pressure to abandon collaborations with European partners.

In a recent survey undertaken by the Guardian, it found that British academics were being asked to leave EU-funded projects or to remove themselves from leadership roles because they are considered a financial liability.

In some cases, it was recommended that all UK partners be dropped from a consortium because Britain's share of the funding could not be guaranteed.

Reports suggest that the backlash against UK researches began soon after the referendum result was officially announced, due to the failure to plan for post-Brexit Britain, which cast doubt over the chances of British institutions wining future EU funding.

It's estimated that around £1bn in funds were dedicated to British researchers from the EU's funding programmes, however access to the money will need to be renegotiated as a result of Brexit.

Leading universities had suggested that UK applicants were being dropped form EU bids and that there was an increase in the number of EU projects that are reluctant to collaborate with UK partners.

As a result of the current uncertainty there have been calls for the government to make a clear and immediate statement on how Britain will partake in future EU projects from outside the union.