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Robotic Furniture Transforms Cramped Studios

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Inventors have designed robotic furniture that can transform a cramped studio flat into a bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, living room or office space.

Through the touch of button, the design, which was inspired by origami, can make a 300 sq ft studio flat function like a 500 sq ft apartment.

The furniture consists of a powered, movable furniture unit that can contain wardrobes, shelves, a sofa, bed and desk. The entire unit can also move allowing for the owner to create two smaller rooms or one larger one.

Future plans for the product include adding sensors so that it can be controlled through hand gestures and an app, which will allow users to use voice activation.

The Ori system represents a partnership between MIT Media Lab and the designer Yves Behar. According to Ori founder Hasier Larrea, "London is one of the world's most expensive cities so there is an acute need for solutions that tackle the challenges of urbanisation".

It's expected that the product will be launched next year, although at this time the price of the Ori system is yet to be disclosed.

The company behind the system is hoping it will be able to partner with companies in places such as London, arguing that an Ori-enabled apartment could become more attractive to buyers.