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Survey Reveals Students Overwhelmingly Voted Remain

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A recent survey by YouthSight has revealed the extent to which the country's students were against the recent Brexit decision. In total, for every student who voted Leave, almost six voted Remain.

The survey by YouthSight found that 87% of eligible students at UK universities voted in the recent referendum. This was above the turnout rate of the general population, which according to the Electoral Commission was reported at 72%.

Overall 85% of students who voted in the referendum chose to Remain, which also suggests that those who were undecided before the vote, predominately decided to remain in the union when their vote was cast.

Of those that voted to leave, 17% reported that, in light of the events of the past month since the result was announced, they would change their vote if they had the chance to do so. Out of those that voted remain only 3% indicated they would change their vote if they could.

The most common concerns raised among students since the vote, included the economy, a rise in racial discrimination, concerns over study visas, travel and work as well as reduced funding for scientific and academic programmes in the UK.