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Unprecedented Level of Scottish Pupils Grab a University Place

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

UCAS has confirmed that more pupils from Scotland achieved a place at university on exam results day then in any previous year. In total 28,300 Scottish students managed to secure their university courses on the day.

In addition, the Scottish government reported that exam results had been highly successful and included the second highest number of "Higher" passes on record at 152,701 or 77%.

There were concerns that replacing part of the Higher English exam close to the deadline would lead to problems. The concern however did not materialise and pass marks for the subject were reported at around 50%.

There was also no repeat of the 2015 Higher Maths exam, which saw the pass mark rate being cut to 34% after the exam was deemed to be too difficult.

Pass rates for both National 4 and 5 exams were mostly unchanged from 2015, although Higher exams rates dropped slightly from 79.2% to 77.2%.

According to UCAS director Ms Thorne the number of students applying from within the EU to Scottish universities were up 19% to 3,900. The rise suggests that the UK's recent decision to leave the UK had not had an immediate impact on EU applicant numbers.