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Labour Would Reinstate Maintenance Grants for Students

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Labour has said that it would restore grants to those needing help to stay in further and higher education in England.

Such a move would result in the reinstating of education maintenance allowances, which were scrapped by the coalition government in 2010.

It would also mean the reversing of governments decision to turn maintenance grants for poorer university students into loans that then have to be repaid.

According to shadow education secretary Andela Rayner, it shows a commitment to investing in our young people.

In response, a Conservative spokesman said that despite the recent policy there had been record numbers in post-16 education and training.

Labour says it will pay for the financial support by increasing corporation tax by up to 1.5%.

Previously the coalition government scrapped maintenance allowances, because it was argued that it was a poor use of education funding, however Labour says that its own research indicates it had been cost-effective.

Labour also wants to overturn the decision by the Conservatives to end maintenance grants for students from poorer families and replace them with additional loans. Former Chancellor George Osborne argued that it was unfair to ask taxpayers to fund grants for people who are likely to earn a lot more than them over their working lifetime.