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Leicester Factory to Be Transformed into Student Flats

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A former textiles factory located in Leicester's city centre is to be transformed into student housing.

The site has been empty since 2014 after its former occupants left the premises, and developers Redoak have now applied for permission to refurbish the factory.

Originally the plans called for an extension of the site in all directions, but these were subsequently dropped.

If the plans get the go-ahead, then the student accommodation complex will have enough space for 80 bed spaces across 66 studio flats.

Planning officers at the city council have recommended councillors approve the scheme when they come to discuss the plans this Thursday.

There were concerns that an extended property could block light from reaching nearby residential properties, which resulted in the plans being altered.

Additional complaints included the argument that the city centre already had a lot of student accommodation.

However, the council disagreed suggesting that the proposed development would bring the building back into use and that the scheme will provide "a reasonable level of amenity for future residents and will not have an unreasonable impact on other properties or their residents."