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Warwick Students Face Accommodation Shortage

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

New undergraduate and postgraduate students attending the University of Warwick have been exposed to the lack of on-campus accommodation for another year running, with the university experiencing problems since at least 2010.

As a result of the shortage, undergraduate students are having to share single-bed rooms in Westwood or Rootes for start of the first term until somewhere else is found to house them.

Meanwhile postgraduate students are also being told that there is not enough room in the postgraduate accommodation and as a result are having to find places to live off-campus.

Last year students reported that some undergraduates had to be housed in hotels until enough accommodation was freed up by people leaving the university. In 2013 around 100 students not given on-campus accommodation were still struggling to find somewhere to live by the end of October.

Postgraduate students have reported that the university indicated students would be offered a room in post grad halls, and those that don't will end up in off campus university managed accommodation. However, the reality appears to be very different. One student has reportedly been offered a class room to sleep in until the end of September and until mid-October the best they can do is arrange reduced rates at a hotel.

Despite the accommodation problems the university was ranked 10th in the UK for its on-campus accommodation in WhatUni's Student Choice Awards.