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MPs to Assess Brexit Impact on Higher Education

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A group of MPs are to assess the impact that Brexit will have on England's higher education sector and consider how universities can remain competitive.

The inquiry will look into the implications facing England's universities following Brexit as well as the potential reputational damage caused to the sector. It will also consider the impact on EU students as well as staff already in the country and what it means for British students who want to work in the EU.

The committee will then outline steps that the government should take to mitigate the risks of Brexit and how best to take advantage of opportunities.

It's hoped that the report will help influence Brexit negotiations and inform the general public.

As part of the process university leaders, lecturers and students will all have an opportunity to submit their views via the enquiry website which will remain open until November 11.

The committee will be run by Neil Carmichael who said: "The education committee is keen to hear from university leaders, academics, students and others, as we examine the opportunities for higher education post-Brexit and consider what the government's priorities should be for the sector going into negotiations with the EU."