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Cambridge Celebrates Its Largest Fundraiser Ever

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Cambridge University is celebrating its most successful fundraising year ever, taking over £210 million in donations and gifts.

The university's vice-chancellor Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz announced the record-breaking amount at his seventh and final October address, praising the importance of donations to the institutions success.

Mr Borysiewicz said: "Philanthropy is critical to us. It underpins our academic autonomy, and allows us to deliver our transformative research. It brings the best people to study and work with us. Philanthropy is the catalyst for discovery and it ensures that discoveries continue, even at a time of unparalleled financial challenges."

The cash was generated as part of the university's biggest ever fundraising drive and brings the campaign total to £743 million.

The £210 million raised this year includes the university's largest ever single donation, a £35 million contribution from the estate of sound engineer Ray Dolby, which was given to Pembroke College.

Co-chair of the fundraising campaign Dr El-Erian. Said: "Cambridge transforms lives and improves the wellbeing of many, so I am delighted this campaign has gained such traction and will help Cambridge deliver more to more people."

The address by Sir Leszek marks his last for the institution as he will be standing down as vice-chancellor Next October and will be replaced by Canadian Scholar Professor Stephen Toope.