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Scotland Commits to No Fees in 2017/18

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Scotland's Education Secretary John Swinney has told the SNP conference that students from EU countries starting courses in 2017-18 will not pay fees.

Students had been seeking reassurances after the UK voted to leave the EU due to the possible impact it might have on tuition fees.

Mr Swinney announced the funding guarantee during his keynote address to the Glasgow conference, he is also urging the UK government to guarantee students right to stay here during their studies and work in the country once they complete their course.

The MSP said: "We have already confirmed tuition fee funding to support EU students studying here, or preparing to start this year. Now we will extend that guarantee to those starting next year in 2017-18. And unlike labour and the Tories, that's tuition-free education we are guaranteeing - not the massive fees they impose on students wherever they come from."

Education was a key component in Mr Swinney's speech, who's goal is to close the attainment gap for their poorest pupils.

He added, saying: "And our ambition is equally straightforward, we will make significant progress in closing the gap within the next parliament and substantially eliminate it within a decade. It may be a simple objective. It may be a straightforward aim. But it will not be easy. We do not underestimate the scale of our ambition."