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Exploding Samsung Phone Banned from University

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Students attending St Andrews University have been banned from using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in student halls over concerns they could cause fires or explode.

Samsung has been under fire over the production of its Galaxy Note 7 and has recently been the cause of multiple fires and explosions worldwide, causing the company to permanently stop its production.

According to the email, the university has decided to take action and stated that the phone is "no longer permitted to be used in residences and should be powered down immediately".

The email cites five related cases as the reason for the drastic action and has guided students through the exchange process available via the Samsung website.

Samsung, who manufacture the phone, have taken extreme measures to ensure customer safety is not put at risk and has asked all customers to power off their phones immediately. The website guides users through the recall process which provides customers with a full refund or product swap.

Other UK universities have taken a similar approach, while airlines such as Air Berlin, Lufthansa and Air New Zealand have also announced they won't allow the phone on board flights.