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Theresa May Offers India Visa Concessions

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

After a rift with Indian premier Narendra Modi, Theresa May has been forced to offer concessions to India over visas, which will see India receive more generous visa terms if it helps Britain returns thousands of illegal migrants from the country.

Officials said the help would involve the streamlining of applications and reducing costs, but there are concerns it could lead to a higher number of migrants coming to the UK.

Mr Modi had called for more students to be given visas to the UK saying: "Education is vital for our students and will define our engagement in a shared future. We must therefore encourage greater mobility and participation of young people in education and research opportunities."

Theresa May had previously turned down appeals from Indian political leaders to increase the number of visas for students and other people to study or work in Britain.

But after lengthy discussions she has now hinted at more concessions on top of an earlier announcement of a new fast-track visa procedure to make travel to the UK smoother and faster for top businessmen and their families.

Immigration appears to yet again be a contentious subject for Mrs May with Mr Modi's remarks underlining the importance that Indians place on freedom of travel, particularly for young people and professionals. Such priorities could lead to a sticking point when it comes to preparing a trade deal with India that could be brought out after Brexit.