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Liverpool Councillor Calls For New Controls for Student Accommodation in Liverpool

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

At today's Liverpool City Council meeting Councillor Richard Kemp is set to call for new design standards for student accommodation in the city. Speaking in anticipation of the meeting Kemp has stated that it's vital that designs for all new student accommodation in the city reflect the surrounding architecture. Schemes that fail to do this, he says, pose a threat to Liverpool's heritage.

The councillor has also called for policies that safeguard against any future dips in Merseyside's student numbers. These would involve allowing student-exclusive housing to be easily converted into non-student housing should usage fall. The impetus for this decision is the councillor's belief that post-Brexit student numbers in Liverpool will decrease.

Liverpool has been on UNESCO's '€˜In Danger'€™ list of threatened World Heritage Sites in need for conservation measures for the past five years.