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True Student Living Think They Have the Next Big Student Accommodation Idea

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A new £40 million student accommodation block in Glasgow will feature a theme park-style slide between floors instead of stairs. A trend first set by Google's offices in Tel Aviv, Zurich and of course, San Francisco.

The chute twirls down from the first floor into the ground floor and features a clear plastic roof to prevent any falls.

True Student Living's promotional material for the building says that the slide "enables students get to the ground floor in style once that important paper is complete." A spokeswoman for the company has also said, "The slide is the brainchild of the architects at KKA who designed the building. Obviously the Google slide has become iconic representing the working environment at the company. The slide in this building is picking up that role as a talking point."

Alongside the slide the building will offer students a karaoke room, cinema and cafe and the rooms themmselves will come complete with flat screen TVs and 'rainfall' showers.