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Plymouth Council Cracking Down on Student Accommodation

Posted by Ross Jones-Morris in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Leading figures at Plymouth Council are pleding to crack down on student accommodation developers in the city.

On Monday night's Council meeting Council Leader Ian Bowyer said that he was implementing news restrictions on student accommodation due to what he deems an impending oversupply of purpose built student accommodation.

He pointed to the fact that if all planned building work currently on the books were to take actually place in the next few years, the number of student beds in the city would double - without a comparative increase in actual student numbers.

Bowyer said, "We are very proud that Plymouth is a vibrant, student friendly city and that our three universities host an estimated 22,200 students who make a valuable contribution to life in Plymouth and the local economy."

"However, we have received a lot of feedback from local residents that there are too many student flats springing up across the city, and that some of these are too concentrated in particular areas we have heard this both anecdotally and through consultation responses to our Joint Local Plan (formerly Plymouth Plan). We also know we have had an increase in interest from private investors and developers in building purpose built student accommodation."