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New Graduates Drawn to London

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A report published by the thinktank Centre for Cities suggests that one in four recent university graduates chose to work in the capital, harming the prospects of other cities which require the skills they hold.

The report highlights the difficulties facing government in tackling the economic dominance of the south of England with London receiving a disproportionate share of graduates.

The report used data on university leavers and the jobs market to estimate and map where graduates end up. It found that 24% of new graduates from UK universities in 2014 and 2015 were working in London within six months of completing their course.

Not only is the capital attracting the greatest number of graduates it's also attracting those with the highest marks from leading institutions. In 2014-15, London attracted 38% of new graduates with firsts and 2:1s from Russell Group universities, which is around 13 times more than Manchester, the second most popular destination for that group of leavers.

For Oxford and Cambridge, the figure was even higher with London attracting 52% of Oxbridge graduates.

Chief executive of the Centre for Cities, Alexandra Jones, said: "The government will not achieve its vision of extending prosperity and growth across the country unless it takes steps to help more cities attract and retain the UK's top talent."