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Edinburgh Students Vote for Google Nap Pods

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Students at Edinburgh University have overwhelmingly voted in favour of installing "nap pods" in their main library.

A common site in Google offices, students at Edinburgh University have voted in favour of the pods being installed in the main library as a way of raising student satisfaction.

A student-led think tank wrote a 30-page report on why the pods were needed, ahead of a vote by the student body. More than 1,900 students voted on the topic, with 84% voting in favour.

Following the outcome of the vote, student leaders will now submit a formal request for the installation of the pods to university management.

A similar vote was balloted at Manchester University last year, which also resulted in nap pods being installed in its own library.

Despite strong support from most of the student body, some are not so keen, calling for the money to be spent elsewhere. Each pod costs up to £10,000, which will need to be added to the cost of converting the rooms.

Questioned on whether they would consider the students' proposals, a spokeswoman for Edinburgh University said: "The University of Edinburgh is always open to discussions with its students on a wide range of initiatives to help improve the student experience."