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SNP Encourage Feedback on Number of Glasgow Developments

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The public is being asked to comment on the amount of student housing being built in Glasgow.

SNP MSP Sandra White is to hold a public meeting to gather feedback and opinion on the growing number of student developments in the city centre and the West End.

According to Ms White, the city is being swamped with student accommodation. However, Glasgow City Council say students form 13% of the city's population, making a great contribution to the city's economy and that the rising number of developments reflect their growing numbers.

Among the developments planned is a 100-bed scheme on the site of a former playground at Kelvinhaugh Primary in Gilbert Street. A proposed scheme in the Trongate area has also been submitted and calls for the construction of 586 student rooms, representing one of the city's largest housing developments ever.

Commenting on the applications Sandra White said: "Every single piece of spare land in the West End and the city centre is being taken up by student accommodation.
What do we want Glasgow to turn into? Do we want Glasgow to end up like St Andrews, which is like a ghost town at the end of semesters?

"These are profiting businesses. They don't pay community tax or council tax. It's about time we actually looked closely at Glasgow City Council plans."

The MSP suggested instead that the city should be trying to bring families into the city centre, creating more social housing. Ms White hopes to finalise plans to hold a public meeting in the next few days.