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Cambridge University Ranked as One of the Most International in the World

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Figures released by the Time Higher Education have named Cambridge University as one of the 'most international' in the world, but risks losing this status is national immigration policies shift.

Cambridge was ranked as eighth in the world, behind Oxford in sixth and the London School of Economics in fifth.

Two Swiss universities came out on top, followed by universities of Hong Kong and Singapore.

Editor Phil Baty said that the UK's achievement to make the top 30 of the 150 strong list was a 'fantastic achievement'.

He continued, adding: "Overall the UK has the highest average proportion of international students (38%) out of the 22 nations that make the list. LSE is the top university on this measure with a staggering 70% of overseas students.

Mr Baty suggested not only was the UK's success down to some underlying characteristics of the country but also because universities show that internationalisation is key to their strategies to attract the best students, scholars and staff.

However, he warned that both the UK and the US could lose their positions among the most desirable locations for international students if attitudes and policies towards immigration shift.

In particular, he added: "The US and the UK are currently the world's most attractive destinations for international students, and their institutions lead the world, in part, as a result of their ability to draw in the brightest and the best.

"Restrictions to the mobility of academic talent in these countries will inevitably harm their position, while other countries welcome talented immigrants with open arms, and their universities strengthen."