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Nearly a Third of University Academics Originate From Outside the UK

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Date released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency has revealed that nearly a third of university academics in the UK are from outside of the country.

Almost one in five university academics are from a country within the European Union, which has caused concerns for university leaders worried about retaining and recruiting staff.

Universities have warned they depend on be able to recruit highly-mobile international staff and students, with the latest figures from UCAS showing a decline in applications from the EU.

The data from HESA shows that 29% of academic staff are from outside the UK and in some cases, such as engineering and technology, non-UK academics account for 42% of staff.

In maths, physics and biology, 38% of staff are non-UK, with the majority of these coming from other EU countries, while the percentage of non-UK staff in the humanities was recorded at 35%.

When the education select committee took evidence from universities about the possible impact of Brexit, they heard concerns that talented and sought-after mathematicians from the EU could move elsewhere.

The University of Cambridge professor, Catherine Barnard, told MPs the university had seen a 14% decline in applications this year from EU students and raised concerns about a risk of perceived anti-immigrant sentiment.