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Falmouth Councillors Oppose Plans for Student Village

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Falmouth councillors have opposed plans to create a 2,000-bed student village between Treluswell and Treliever roundabouts.

Proposed by developers Ocean Reach, the development isn't linked to either Falmouth or Exeter University. Under the plans, Ocean Reach will build a mixture of town houses and flats, which would accommodate students from all years of study. The plans also include a budget hotel, a family pub/restaurant, sporting facilities and a park and ride.

Although the site is situated outside of Falmouth's boundary, it was deemed important enough and one which could have implications for the town, to enable its councillors to have a say.

The proposals were put forward to the town's council planning committee last week and after Penryn councillors objected to the scheme, Falmouth councillors followed suit.

In particular, concerns were raised over the potential for flooding in the area to increase if the green fields are built upon, as well as the loss in prime agricultural land and its views.

Commenting on the application, councillor Alan Jewell, said: "It is grade three a or b land, that land should be kept for food production at all costs unless all the brown field sites have been used up. It is the best and most versatile land and it would be a shame to lose that."

He added: "The universities have got permission on campus for 1,000 beds so if that is fulfilled they will not need this isolated village away from campus."

Falmouth's committee is recommending the plans are refused on the grounds of flood risks, loss of view from the highway, loss of high grade agricultural land and it is felt the application is not necessary.