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Pre-fabricated ZEDpods to Tackle the UK's Housing Shortage

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A new independent company in the UK, named ZEDpods Ltd, is looking to meet the challenge of building affordable homes in cities where land is scarce or expensive.

Consisting of a low-cost, pre-fabricated, energy-efficient micro home, they require no land space as the pods sit on an elevated platform above outdoor car parks.

Subsequently the pods use otherwise unused space and only require air rights to be constructed.

ZEDpods have been funded via the Government's Enterprise Investment Scheme with the objective of manufacturing and erecting them across the country.

It's hoped the pods will offer an affordable starter home for singles or couples and a housing solution for key workers, student accommodation and general needs.

The entry level model cots just £65,000 and the pods can either be installed as singles or doubles and as a community cluster.

According to principal of ZEDfactory, Bill Dunster, there are 1.2 million public parking spaces in the UK, allowing the concept to make a substantial contribution to help solving the UK housing shortage without local authorities having to find land or funding.

It's estimated between one and five percent of existing parking spaces have potential for ZEDpods, creating between 10,000 and 50,000 homes nationally per year.

A fully constructed pod is already located on a car park at the Watford HQ of the Building Research Establishment, providing visitors the opportunity to view the concept for themselves.