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Dublin Council Blocks Student Developments

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Dublin council has ordered two substantial student accommodation developments to be redesigned due to concerns of overcrowding.

City Council planners have blocked the two schemes, which combined would have delivered more than 1,000 student beds, until developers can justify the need for additional student housing.

In particular, the developers have been asked to justify the requirement for student accommodation over standard residential accommodation.

The larger of the two schemes proposes the demolition of the Park Shopping Centre on Prussia Street and replacing it was a 541-bed student accommodation development along with new shopping facilities.

However, the council raised "serious concerns regarding the overall height, scale and massing" of the proposed six-storey block and has therefore asked for the height of the building to be reduced.

Planners also questioned the effect the development might have on the National Transport Authority's plans for a bus rapid transit link from Blanchardstown to UCD.

To the east of the campus, the proposed 440-bed student scheme must also be redesigned.

The council raised concerns about the impact of the proposal on nearby Great Western Square, an architectural conservation area.

They've also asked developers to provide evidence that housing would be used by students at a recognised third-level institution or higher education institute. As a result, the applicants must provide evidence of links with these institutions or expressions of interest in the student accommodation.

Commenting on both applications, the council said it was concerned they would contribute to an "over-concentration of student accommodation" in the general northwest inner city area.