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Keele University Seeks an Additional 1,400 Student Beds

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Keele University is looking to make a significant investment into student housing as part of a major transformation project.

Plans have been submitted to increase the amount of on campus student accommodation in Keele to just over 4,330 from the current 2,886.

The proposals call for the demolition of several of the university's current student halls including Lindsay, Horwood and Barnes. In its place, new student accommodation will be joined by three social hubs as well as a new music and teaching facility, medical facility and facilities for Keele Postgraduate Association.

In partnership with UPP Projects Ltd, Keele University is seeking planning permission to demolish 366 student bed-spaces at Barnes Hall and the erection of seven new halls of residence, consisting of cluster flats and townhouse blocks, which will provide 617 new student beds.

At Horwood Hall the plans call for the demolition of 266 student beds and the construction of 13 new halls. This will include the construction of seven cluster flat blocks and six townhouse blocks. In total 915 new student beds will be created.

Finally, at Lindsay Hall, 241 student beds will be demolished, which will be replaced by 10 new halls of residence consisting of seven cluster flat blocks and three townhouse blocks. In total the development will add a further 814 beds.

In addition to the new student housing, the project will seek to remodel some of the retained accommodation.

A planning statement submitted as part of the application, said: "The university's brief is to expand and enhance its residential portfolio.

"The scale of the re-development, covering a considerable proportion of the university's campus, means that it will be a transformational project.

"The overall residential project is an opportunity to increase the amount and improve the quality of the accommodation offer on campus.

"It is also an opportunity to update the existing residential stock, providing a balance of accommodation types."

The university currently has around 10,000 students enrolled, but their 2020 strategy will seek to increase this to 13,000. As a result there is expected to be increasing demand for affordable campus accommodation in Keele.

The £150 million scheme has backing from city planners and is expected to be approved at a meeting this week.