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Shipping Containers Used to Build Student Housing

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A student housing development in Glasgow is being constructed using shipping containers.

In a construction process being described as similar to Lego, the new student accommodation is situated close to the River Clyde in the west end of Glasgow, on an old industrial site.

The current site has been left empty for a number of years and it's hoped the student accommodation scheme will provide a new lease of life to the area.

Over the past two months 500 shipping containers have arrived on site and have been stacked on top of each other to provide a seven-storey student accommodation block.

The steel containers were made in a factory in China and shipped over to the port of Southampton before making their way to Glasgow.

Commenting on the development, managing director of True Student, Marc Carter, said: "A very large 500-tonne mobile crane was used to load them on to the site much like you or I would have loaded Lego when we were small.

"It is a little more technical than that but it is essentially a Lego system of construction and we can go up to 15 storeys tall."

Due to its design the project has moved forward at an incredible pace. In less than 10 weeks the empty site has been transformed into student accommodation for 500 students.

In addition to the student beds there will also be a karaoke room, a cinema and a helter-skelter slide between floors.

Due to the containers uniformed shape, there have been concerns it could lead to an uninspiring development. Although as Mr Carter noted, once complete it will be unrecognisable as a series of shipping containers and it will be clad just like any other modern building.