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Coventry Locals Furious at Student Village Plans

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Local residents in Coventry are furious after it was announced that 44 homes being built are going to be developed into a student village.

It was revealed just a weak before a forum meeting, that plans to build 44 dwellings on the site of the former Canley Sports and Social Club will be turned into student housing.

Residents received leaflets explaining the new student village a week before the ward forum, which has left locals in uproar.

The student housing scheme has been put forward by developers Urban Pulse, who will look to name the site Warwick Uni Village.

In protest to the change of use, both residents and councillors have indicated they are prepared to start a petition to fight the change of use.

Commenting on the application, councillor Tim Mayer, said: "I hope that this change of use is refused when the planning application goes through the process.

"I am very supportive of good affordable starter or family houses going up at the former Canley Sports and Social Club and a submission for planning permission was given for up to 44 dwellings on the site in 2015."

The councillor went on to suggest residents should engage in the process and submit as many comments regarding their objections to the application as possible.

Developers Urban Pulse argued the development respects the consent previously granted for residential housing and will help satisfy the significant demand for high quality student accommodation.

They also suggested the student development will prove to be a catalyst for economic growth in the area and will provide employment opportunities in construction and site management.