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UCAS Figures Show Declines in UK and EU Applicants

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The latest figures released by UCAS for the March 24 application deadline show a 4% fall in UK applicants.

With a limited number of new applications made between the January and March deadline, the pattern of year-on-year changes is similar to that released for the January deadline.

The latest numbers show a decline of 4%, or around 25,000, compared to the same period a year earlier. This means the number of people applying to UK higher education courses for 2017 has now reached 601,770. The decline in applicants was slightly smaller than seen at the January deadline, when a 5% year-on-year reduction was reported.

There are now 496,010 UK applicants applying to higher education courses for 2017, down roughly 4% compared to the same point last year, while the number of EU applicants declined 6% to 45,140. The number of applicants from other overseas countries actually rose by 2% to 60,630.

The number of English 18 year olds applying to higher education increased by 1% or 1,490 taking the total to 233,830.

English 18 year olds are by far the largest group of applications to UK higher education, making up nearly 40% of the total number.