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Student Flats Earmarked for Sunderland

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Plans to build a student accommodation block on a historic Sunderland site have been submitted to the authorities.

Under the proposals, the former Speeding's Sails building on Whickham Street, will be demolished to make way for a five-storey block of student flats.

The 19th century warehouse has been described as being of "industrial heritage significance" in reference to Sunderland's ship building past.

Under the plans the current site will be flattened and replaced with a five-storey purpose-built student accommodation block providing 68 bedrooms.

Developers will arrange the beds in flats of between 3 and 5 rooms each sharing communal facilities. There will also be enough parking space for four vehicles and a large cycle storage area.

Those behind the plans have recognised the sites local historic interest and plan to appease concerns by preserving the building's stone sign and donating it to Sunderland Museum.

In addition to maintaining the building's sign, an extensive recording project will take place prior to any demolition work.

Councillors are set to decide on the buildings fate at a planning meeting taking place on April 25.