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University of Bath's Student Union Supports Cut the Rent Campaign

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The University of Bath has endorsed a 'Cut the Rent' campaign aimed at fighting the increasing costs of student housing.

The announcement comes as the University of Bath seeks to raise additional income from student accommodation and other areas to counter cuts in public funding.

According to campaigners, the university has increased the proportion of luxury student accommodation while at the same time admitting more students. As a result, demand for student housing has increased while the supply of affordable bed spaces has fallen. Luxury accommodation on the University campus now costs over £150 per person per week to rent.

Since 2001, when the current Vice Chancellor came to office, university-owned accommodation rent has reportedly increased 150%. Due to these increases, just two student halls, namely Osbourne House and Eastwood, provide students with beds which cost lower than 50% of the maximum maintenance loan a student can receive.

The National Union of Students are worried that higher rents, along with the rise of private purpose-built student accommodation, will lead to more financial pressure on students.

The Cut the Rent Campaign is arguing the University of Bath has exceeded its target operating surplus each year since 2012, meaning it could reduce rents in University managed accommodation.

The student union has now adopted the policy and the campaign has demanded the union becomes active in seeking reduced rents.