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204-bed Bath Student Scheme Refused

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Plans to turn Pickfords in Bath into a 204-bed student accommodation scheme have been rejected.

Members of Bath and North East Somerset Council's planning committee deemed the proposed designs for the project as "horrendous", which resulted in the application being refused.

Members voted 7-3 against the proposals, with the main objections being the design and look of the scheme.

Commenting on the application, councillor Jasper Becker said the project was "depressing and a dismal design" which is "ugly" and "prison-like".

Councillors agreed that students deserved better than what developers Eagle One Estates Limited had bought forward.

Under the plans the developers proposed demolishing the existing Pickfords building and in its place constructing two new student blocks providing 204 bedrooms.

Local residents also raised concerns over the amount of student accommodation being built in Bath, suggesting there had been a mass of recent buildings. However, not one of the members of the Development Management Committee were against the principle of more student housing in Bath.

The consensus amongst councillors was the proposed plan could have been better and would have negatively affected the surrounding view and the World Heritage status of the city.