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Co-operative Formed to Offer Affordable Housing

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Students are being sought after to join the recently formed Glasgow Student Housing Co-op.

The group aims to offer quality housing and fair rents and has been put together by a dozen students attending the University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art.

The scheme was inspired by the Edinburgh Student Housing Co-op, which was Scotland's only student housing co-operative.

Since being established, the group have received support from Glasgow City Council's co-operative development unit and successfully raised funds from the Co-operative Glasgow Business Development Fund.

A recent survey carried out by the newly formed co-op, found that of 155 students at the University of Glasgow, 71% were interested in living in a co-op. The group is now looking for a building and could either take on a commercial lease property or purchase a suitable space via a mortgage.

Commenting on the formation of the co-op, member Kirstie McLean said: "Students often have little control over their living situations and a lack of knowledge of housing law and the private rented sector make it difficult to get problems resolved.

"A co-op provides democratic control - students have a say in how their housing is run and are empowered to make decisions affecting their lives. It is also an opportunity to learn new skills."

Student housing co-operatives are increasing in popularity with viable co-ops already established in Edinburgh, Sheffield and Birmingham. Further co-ops are being developed in Nottingham, Newcastle and Leeds.