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Two Student Developments Planned for Exeter

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Two student housing developments situated close to the University of Exeter campus have been submitted to city planners.

The applications have been put forward as part of a long-term plan to increase the amount of accommodation for students on Streatham Campus.

There are already around 4,000 beds on the campus, but the University wants to add more to cater for its planned expansion, particularly to meet expected demand from first year students and international postgraduates.

As part of the wider project, a large-scale plan for East Park has already been approved by Exeter City Council's planning committee.

The latest application outlines plans to develop a block of student accommodation at Spreytonway, St Germans Road, which would include the demolition of the existing buildings. In its place a total of 131 student bedrooms could be built.

A statement released by the University said: "The development of Spreytonway is a natural extension of the Eastern Residential Community of Lafrowda and St German's Halls."

They also argued the new development will preserve the character of the area, whilst contributing to the sense of arrival into the campus along St German's Road.

The other planning application is related to existing halls on the University of Exeter campus' Lower Argyll Road and aims to replace current halls with a larger building.

The current halls consist of 139 bedrooms, which would increase to 251 as and when the new development is complete.

The University argued the existing residence is coming to the end of its useful life and no longer meet student requirements for "modern, sustainable and affordable housing". As a result, the halls will be demolished and replaced with a high-quality, modern development.