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Birmingham University to Launch International Branch in Dubai

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The University of Birmingham is planning to open a new campus in Dubai as part of the university's "global mission".

The university is scheduled to open the first phase of its new base in the autumn of this year. However, most of the English taught undergrad and postgrad courses will run from autumn 2018.

Situated in the Dubai International Academic City, Birmingham University's new site will sit alongside 26 other universities from nine countries who are already based in the academic city.

Students attending will be able to get a full University of Birmingham degree without leaving the Gulf. Dubai is already home to several UK universities who have branches in the region, including Exeter, Bradford, London Business School and Heriot-Watt.

Elsewhere in the Gulf, the University of Aberdeen has recently launched a campus in Qatar.

International campuses have allowed Western universities to expand into emerging markets by providing degrees from a prestigious Western university, without the risk of visa complications or the costs associated with studying aboard.

As competition for students in their home markets continues, overseas campuses provide UK universities with another source of tuition income.

Nottingham, Liverpool, Southampton, Newcastle, Bolton, Middlesex and Reading all now have international outposts. According to research by the State University of New York, the total number of international branch campuses around the world is now at 240.