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Former Plymouth Cinema Could be Saved from Student Housing

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The Reel Cinema in Plymouth could be saved from redevelopment into student housing after the local authority granted the community first refusal if they want to buy it.

Plans have been put forward to demolish the cinema in the centre of Plymouth, which will be replaced with student accommodation.

However, the council has now added the cinema to its Assets of Community Value register, which gives the community the right to bid for the building should it be put up for sale.

An online petition to save the cinema from demolition has already obtained 5,000 signatures.

The Asset of Community Value designation provides local communities the chance to bid to purchase community assets when they're put on the open market for sale.

Due to the cinema's new status, groups who have been fighting to save the building could be granted six months in which to put together a bid to buy the building if the current owners do decide to sell.

Commenting on the building, Karl Parsons, from the Plymouth Royal Cinema Preservation Group, said: "We believe the cinema is viable as a community cinema. We are working hard to identify potential partners, investors and operators who firmly believe in the future of the building. We are confident that it can have a viable future as a cinema and a bingo hall, but also as a live music venue, something which Plymouth is crying out for."