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New Coventry Development Receives Mixed Feedback from Residents

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Plans to build more student accommodation in Coventry city centre have been met with criticism from local residents.

The latest development calls for the construction of an 80-bedroom hotel, 100 apartments, and a 385-bed student accommodation block. The student housing scheme marks the next phase of the huge Belgrade Plaza development, situated next to the Belgrade Theatre.

Residents took to social media to vent their frustration after the plans to build a 200-bedroom hotel on the site were scaled back in favour of more student accommodation.

Residents argued the city is losing its identity due to the influx of student flats, although some were in favour of the development due to its ability to free up the city's housing stock.

The plans were also criticised for placing apartments, a hotel and student accommodation side by side, with those against the scheme suggesting people wouldn't want to live next door to student digs.

Despite the negative reaction from some locals, others were in favour due to the perceived economic benefit that students can bring to the area.

Other large university cities such as Birmingham, Sheffield and Nottingham were cited as having booming economies due partly to students, with more money being spent in the town centre leading to a better city overall.