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Tuition Fee Relief for Teachers to Be Scrapped?

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Head teachers in England have raised concerns that a government pledge to provide university tuition fee relief for teachers may be scrapped.

In an attempt to help tackle a shortage of teachers, the Conservative manifesto proposed that teachers would not repay tuition fees while they remained in teaching.

However, heads' leader Russell Hobby has raised concerns that the new government has gone quiet on fees and is asking for urgent clarification on whether the plan has been dropped.

A statement from the Department for Education said: "We want the best teachers working in our schools and are investing in various initiatives to attract high quality graduates in an increasingly competitive jobs market.

"We will provide more details on how we will take forward these proposals in due course."

Despite the statement, the department still hasn't clarified whether the fee relief plan will go ahead or not.

Mr Hobby added: "Recent data shows that we are struggling to recruit and retain teachers and this is leading to serious difficulties in schools.

"We need to think creatively about ways to attract talents people into the profession and so it would be disappointing if ideas like this get put on the back burner."

In the aftermath of the general election, the Queen’s Speech set out no plans for any education legislation leading to calls for the government to clarify its position.