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Significant Student Scheme Earmarked for Lancaster

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Luneside East Limited has gained approval to develop a huge student accommodation complex at St George's Quay in Lancaster.

The company represents a joint venture between Northpoint Developments Limited and Development Securities.

The newly established company will demolish the fire damaged mill that currently occupies the site to make way for 400 student beds and 79 parking spaces.

The building will be between five and six storeys tall.

The mill has lay vacant after it suffered fire damage in May 2012, which lead to the roof being removed.

A design statement submitted as part of the application said: "The development would enable a high quality permeable and accessible scheme, and create an attractive new mixed-use quarter for the wider Luneside East area."

In order to retain the old mill, Luneside East is looking to adopt a creative and innovative approach to re-use the site and create a landmark building.

Under the plans, the pump house will become a central hub for the development. The scheme would also provide an eight-metre-wide riverside pedestrian and cycle route.