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King's College Eyes Up European Campus

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

King's College London looks likely to become the first university to open a European campus since the EU referendum.

Although King's has been working with Technische Universitat Dresden on a research project, known as Transcapmus, since 2015, the initiative has taken a step closer to fruition. The university has confirmed it is now discussing further collaborations, with Prof Stefan Bornstein indicating plans for a new campus are already on the table.

According to Prof Bornstein, the plan would allow King's to have a presence in Europe and maintain access to European research funding post-Brexit.

Meanwhile, TU Dresden suggested it would benefit from increased ties to London, which it describes as being one of the "leading academic centres in the world".

It's understood the Transcampus project had been discussed before the EU referendum, but had now become a more interesting proposition since the vote.

Prof Bornstein said: "We cannot allow things that have developed for so many years in a positive way to be hampered by political decisions that actually nobody wanted.

"It's a nice way to have a solution to get around this very stupid Brexit idea."

There have been reports that a number of other UK universities are mulling the idea of opening branches in Europe, post-Brexit. However, Oxford University dismissed claims it was in talks to open a Paris campus.

In a statement released by King's College, the university said it valued the Transcampus project, which it argued "demonstrates the success of cross-national and institutional links."