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Coventry Scheme Rejected over Safety Fears

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Plans to build student accommodation in Coventry have been rejected due to concerns students could become victims of crime.

Planning officers refused an application to knock down the former Aylesford Intermediate Care Centre and replace it with a 189-bed student accommodation scheme.

An application was put forward by developers Aylesford Coventry but was turned down by Coventry City Council because of fears of crime in the area. The latest refusal is the second time an application for student housing has been turned down for the site.

Commenting on the decision, Coventry City Council said: "The development will result in a significant number of students travelling on foot between the site and Coventry University campus on streets where there is a high level of crime.

"The proposal fails to demonstrate that it has achieved a high standard of design in terms of creating safe and accessible environments where crime and disorder, and the fear of crime, do not undermine quality of life or community cohesion."

It was also argued the site would overlook neighbouring Jacquard House.

Councillor David Welsh went on to suggest the level of crime around the proposed student accommodation would increase with the addition of more vulnerable young people living in the area.

Mr Welsh went on to say: "The nature of student life means they will be coming and going from the site at the most likely times to be victims of such crimes. This area is already used for dealing drugs and again this is introducing a new market for something which is difficult to tackle as it is.

"The police are already under pressure in the area dealing with the night time economy and students walking home through some of the highest crime hot spots will add to this pressure on resources."