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Brighton Council Refuses Permission to Extend Two HMOs

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Plans to build two student houses in Brighton have been rejected by government inspectors after the cases were taken to appeal.

Rivers Birtwell was refused planning permission to increase the number of student beds from four to nine for a HMO in Wheatfield Way. The Brighton property business was also refused permission to increase the number of beds from five to nine at its HMO on Park Road.

Brighton and Hove City Council had originally rejected the plans in January and the decisions have now been upheld after appeal.

Commenting on the applications, the council said: "The government has supported the city council in two more cases in its stand against overdevelopment of student housing in former family homes in Brighton and Hove."

One of the main reasons for the plans being rejected was the impact an HMO would have on occupiers of nearby properties.

Councillor Tracey Hill, the leader member for private rented housing, said: "The universities bring important cultural benefits and jobs.

"But that must be balanced against the fact that HMOs can cause problems for the neighbours and that those problems are likely to be worse if HMOs are too large or too concentrated in one area.

"We also need to be watchful to ensure landlords are not cramming too many people into buildings to maximise financial returns at the expense of the occupants' welfare."