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10-storey Block of Student Accommodation Proposed for Nottingham

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A block of student accommodation is being planned for Nottingham's city centre, which could provide student housing for hundreds of students.

The building is being proposed by RedOak, and under the plans the development will consist of 10-storeys with enough bedrooms for 353 students.

The new block of student accommodation would replace the existing school buildings and car showroom, located on the site just off Talbot Street.

If given the go-ahead the new building will stand taller than any other existing building, including the Talbot House and Talbot Point developments.

The site has previously been subject to planning applications. In 2011 a development for a seven-storey block of flats was approved, but construction work never took place.

Architects Franklin Ellis said of the scheme: "The proposal site is of a similar area to other blocks and therefore it is appropriate to be developed as one piece.

"The site sits within an established area of taller buildings and has the capability of accommodating a building of significant scale and could benefit from some further articulation in the form of a taller section."

The developers have proposed the student accommodation will be car free, and operators of the scheme will ensure a management plan is in place to address move in and move out days.

The developers also argued the proposed scheme will not only delivery an excellent environment for students, but will result in a major economic regeneration project.

A decision is due on the proposed scheme by late October.