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Fresh Plans Submitted for Bath Student Development

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

New plans have been submitted to transform the Pickfords storage warehouse in Bath, into student accommodation.

A previously submitted scheme put forward last year was refused by Bath and North East Somerset Council, who said the design was 'depressing, dismal and prison-like'.

Members voted to refuse the application, with its appearance being the main objection.

However, now a new outline application for up to 204-student rooms has been put forward. Under the proposals submitted by Eagle One Estates, the main block will be reduced in height.

Documents submitted as part of the application process, said: "The application is a re-submission following an earlier refusal of planning permission contrary to the recommendation of the council's professional advisors. It incorporates adjustments to the design in response to some of the issues raised by members."

The applicants went on to suggest the council is expecting 8,000 more students by 2020-21, therefore there is an urgent need for additional purpose-built student accommodation.

At the previous Development Management Committee meeting in May there were no objections raised in relation to building more student accommodation, but locals had raised concerns over new student schemes located near the city centre.

A decision on the latest application is due before November 9.