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New Proposals May Limit the Number of Students Renting Privately in Oxford

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Fewer students could be allowed to live in private rented accommodation in Oxford, under new plans put forward by the city council.

At present, the council formally allows 6,000 full-time undergraduates and postgraduate students studying at Oxford University and Oxford Brookes to live outside their institutions' designated accommodation.

The council now hopes to reduce this number to 5,000 as it looks to control the city's housing shortage.

The council currently gives both universities an equal number (3,000) of students who can live outside university accommodation.

The council is now proposing Oxford Brookes is given a larger allowance of 3,500, while Oxford University could see its share reduced to 1,500.

Both institutions have exceeded their student targets in recent years, with Oxford Brookes having around 3,800 students in rental accommodation last year.

The council has warned the universities that they have the power to stop any expansion in student numbers if they do not adhere to the limit. The council's new proposal would form part of its local plan, which seeks to outline development in the city until 2036.

Oxford University recognised there's a lack of appropriate affordable housing, but suggested the proposed new and lower limit was not achievable in the short term. Meanwhile, Oxford Brookes welcomed the proposals and are working to increase their supply of student accommodation.