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Brighton Council Approve £300m Regeneration Project

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

City council planners have approved a £300m regeneration scheme of Preston Barracks in Brighton, put forward by Brighton University and developer U+I.

Under the proposals, hundreds of new homes will be built along with 1,338 student flats and a Central Research Laboratory for Brighton University.

The plans were granted permission despite eighty letters of objection from neighbours, with concerns raised over the height of the buildings and the impact this would have on nearby homes.

However, more than 400 people wrote to the council in support of the scheme, with the assumption it would help ease pressure on family homes, which are being occupied by students.

Despite the objections, and some reservations from councillors, the scheme was unanimously approved.

Commenting on the development, councillor Lynda Hyde said: "This goes towards meeting our housing need and I welcome the investment in our city.

"It's a big scheme and it's a good scheme. We've got the best that we can get."