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Cambridge University Vice Chancellor Refuses to Take a Pay Cut

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The vice chancellor of Cambridge University has shot down calls from the Office for Students to take a pay cut in order to restore public confidence in the sector.

Professor Stephen Toope said: "People don't understand how a vice-chancellor's job has evolved.

"I am essentially responsible for £1billion a year turnover, 11,000 employees, 19,000 students, and am in the lead to complete a £2billion fundraising campaign.

"I am searching for all possible sources of income, while developing the international reputation of the university, working with business, government and civil society to develop partnerships, while being responsible for operations and the entity of the university."

Mr Toope also described the suggested pay cuts as a national mistake. He added: "I think it is not a good idea, to be frank, because what it does is reaffirm the sense that the UK is not operating in the open market for global talent."

The debate of vice chancellor pay has come into focus in recent weeks, as students continue to find themselves burdened with thousands of pounds of debt upon graduation.