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Six Universities Ordered to Remove Misleading Marketing Claims

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Six universities have been ordered to take down marketing claims that could be misleading.

The advertising watchdog has told Leicester, East Anglia, Strathclyde, Falmouth, Teeside and the University of West London to remove marketing claims, after complaints were upheld against them.

The Advertising Standards Authority has sent out a warning to universities against exaggerating claims made to attract students in an increasingly competitive market.

Commenting on the decision, chief executive Guy Parker said students need good evidence when making such a big financial commitment. Mr Parker added: "Misleading would-be students is not only unfair, it can also lead them to make choices that aren't right for them."

Universities are subsequently going to be issued with guidance on how to avoid presenting misleading information.

The watchdog says universities trying to recruit students will have to objectively prove claims they are making, as the body looks to clamp down on unjustified claims.

In particular, many of the challenges from the watchdog have been about how information from rankings or comparison tables have been presented.

Mr Parker said: "If you're making claims about your national or global ranking, student satisfaction or graduate prospects, make sure you practise what you teach... by backing up your claims with good evidence."