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Cambridge Students Demand the University Comes Clean Over Its Investments

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Cambridge students have marched in protest of the University's investment schemes.

Nearly a hundred students took part in the march against the central offices of the University, demanding an end to the institution's involvement in what they describe as "climate injustice".

The protest was held in response to the recent Paradise Papers leak, which revealed how Oxbridge, along with many of their colleges, had committed millions of pounds to private equity partnerships based offshore.

The leak appears to show that funds were connected to fossil fuel investments, in particular those associated with deep sea drilling and furthering oil exploration.

The student environmental organisations of both Oxford and Cambridge have come together to demand greater transparency, accountability and a more ethical investment policy.

In order to pressure the institutions into fully divesting from fossil fuels, students from both universities marched under the banner #ComeClean.

Disclosure of the University's management of financial donations has been rare, however the Paradise Papers leak contradicts assurances that Cambridge held only minimal investments in fossil fuel companies.