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The Office for Students to Expose Excessive Vice-Chancellor Pay

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The chairman of the newly formed Office for Students has said he will expose vice-chancellors whose pay levels are out of sync with their university's performance.

Sir Michael Barber, the chairman of the Office for Students, which begins operating next year, said the body will tackle excessive pay for university vice-chancellors.

On area that could come into focus is the ratio between the vice-chancellor's pay and the average pay of the staff in an institution. Sir Michael Barber, commented: "I have said publicly to universities and to vice-chancellors, the best form of regulation is self-regulation. See among yourselves where the pay packets stand out and see whether you should reduce them."

He added: "We have powers as the Office for Students to get into value for money - vice-chancellors' pay, senior staff pay, is one key aspect of value for money. And people are interested in that."

It's worth noting that Barber said universities would still have the independence to set their own pay rates.

The news comes as Bath University's Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell has come under fire for being the UK's best paid vice-chancellor. Breakwell made a public apology last week and narrowly survived a vote of no-confidence by Bath University's senate.