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Preston Student Accommodation to House Key Workers

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A newly built block of purpose-built student accommodation in Preston has been given permission to house key workers and apprentices.

Apartments at the Tramshed, which was until now a student-only block of flats, will now be open to apprentices and employees working in education, health and the police.

Amendments to the residential rules were approved this week at a city planning committee meeting.

The change was approved despite concerns the building may not be completely appropriate for non-students and that it had a lack of parking facilities.

Councillor Stuart Greenhalgh suggested if it were a new application, they would have concerns about vehicles, as there are no parking facilities for potential key workers.

Meanwhile, Councillor John Swindells said: "They are struggling to fill it so are now looking to fill it with professionals who won't be able to park and won't be able to travel."

"It's a real worry that we're seeing applications coming this way and I worry that we will see more."